Beam Walk Activity Card

Intended Learning Students understand the stability –mobility equilibrium. Students are able to move their bodies into a more stableposition by lowering their centre of gravity. ActivityUsing a beam (or a straight line on the ground) try to walk balanced up on tip toes with your armsstraight up above you.Move yourself across the beam in the …

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Striking Video Analysis Task

The basic movement pattern of striking is used in many physical activities and sports. The ability to use an effective movement pattern to strike an object with an implement or the body is critical for successful performance.  The correct movement pattern for striking should demonstrate the following :  STANCE: Generally side on.  A more “open” stance …

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Swiss Ball Throw

Intended LearningStudents understand the relationship between stability and accuracyStudents recognise that in most cases power and accuracy isincreased when stability is increased. ActivityBalance on the swiss ball in the 3 positions below. Place a rubbish bin 5 metres away. Using tennis balls,take three shots from each position, aiming to get the tennis ball into the …

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