Adding Classes to Vidalyze

Creating new classes enables you to organize your Vidalyze data more effectively.  After completing this tutorial, you will learn how to add classes in your Vidalyze. Note that only the administrator account has the ability to create various classes that can be used in your Organization.

Step 1:  To create new class, click on Create class button.

Step 2: Key in the name of the class you want to use and hit Save.

Step 3: The system will automatically generate a message confirming that the class has already been saved.

Step 4: Vidalyze then presents the list of assigned and unassigned students and teachers in the newly created class. All you need to do is drag the name cards of the student and teachers you want to be assigned to that class.

Step 5: When you’re done assigning students and teachers to your class. Click on Save, and the system will now display the confirmation message.

Watch a step-by-step video tutorial below or download as a PDF

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