Striking Video Analysis Task

The basic movement pattern of striking is used in many physical activities and sports. The ability to use an effective movement pattern to strike an object with an implement or the body is critical for successful performance. 

The correct movement pattern for striking should demonstrate the following : 

STANCE: Generally side on. 

A more “open” stance where the batter’s body is rotated frontwards will mean less time is required for the swing to be executed. A more “closed” stance will enable forces to be applied over a longer time and distance and therefore a more powerful strike

STRIDE: Forward movement prior to the start of the swing.

The stride is generally in the direction of the intended strike. The front foot is lifted slightly and planted about 30 cm forward.

SWING: Sequence of: hip rotation, shoulder rotation, elbow extension and wrist action. 

FOLLOW THROUGH: Generally in a straight line towards the target. 

Complete your Analysis with Vidalyze

The following FREE apps are designed to provide hands-free instant replays. Simply set the given delay value (eg 10 seconds) and point the app towards your performance. You can now perform and then return to the device to review.


Discussion :

1. Rate the subject(s) observed with a score out of 12.

2. Which phase(s) of the skill do the performer/s require more practice with?

3. How did the video assist your analysis?

4. List some sports or physical activities where the ability to strike with ahitting implement is important

5. List some sports or physical activities where the ability to strike with your body is important