The Vidalyze Rubric Maker: AI Revolution in Physical Education

In the ever-evolving landscape of education technology, Vidalyze remains at the spearhead, revolutionizing how physical education (PE) assessments are crafted and delivered. We’re proud to introduce the Vidalyze Rubric Maker, an AI-driven breakthrough designed to enrich the video assessment process.

Creating Custom AI Rubrics: A Step-by-Step Guide

Access and Initiation

Your journey begins with a simple login to your Vidalyze account, accessible with your Teacher or Admin credentials. Once in, navigate to your ‘Account’ page and embark on creating your AI rubric. Select ‘Create rubric,’ title it aptly, specify the sport and skill, and watch as Vidalyze’s AI constructs a rubric tailored just for you.

Customization and Application

With a rubric generated, you’re not locked in; Vidalyze understands the nuance required in education. Adjust the criteria to fit your unique teaching objectives, and save. You’ve now created a powerful tool for your students to engage in deep video analysis and self-assessment.

Assigning Rubrics Made Easy

Streamlined Assignment Process

With Vidalyze, assigning the newly minted rubrics is as simple as it gets. Under the ‘Account’ page, ‘List all rubrics’ awaits your click. Assign it to an individual, a class, or the entire school. In moments, your students are equipped with a cutting-edge tool to critique and enhance their performances.

Empowering Students with Self-Assessment

Student-Led Assessments

When students log in with their credentials, they’ll find their assigned rubrics under the ‘Rubrics’ page. A ‘Use’ button initiates the assessment, guiding them through each criterion. Students compare their performance with the AI-generated descriptions, marking their results. A save at the end locks in their assessment, capturing their insights and paving the way for improvement.

Conclusion: The Vidalyze Edge

The Vidalyze Rubric Maker is not just a new feature; it’s a transformative educational approach. By marrying personalized rubrics with our robust video analysis platform, we grant teachers and students an unprecedented level of insight and feedback. Start your free trial today, explore the Vidalyze Rubric Maker, and prepare to elevate your PE classes to new heights.

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